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Glow In Love This Valentine's Day!

Glow Sticks Valentines Day

Ah! Love is in the air, and if you are like 91% of Americans, you probably plan to pull something together for your sweetheart. And if you are lucky enough to have spent many valentines’ days with the same person, you're in a whole different category of complication. When you first start seeing someone the first two or three years, planning for Valentine’s day can be relatively easy. Roses, chocolate, a cute stuffed animal, maybe dinner, and you're all set. Now say you have been together for 7 or 8 years and your ideas are becoming more limited, what do you do now? Maybe go to a favorite restaurant or buy pink roses instead of red? Or maybe throw some glow sticks into the equation.

Glow sticks do not have to be just a children’s toy. In fact, there are plenty of fun things you can do to spice up your valentine’s day. They may not be as romantic as candles, but after 10 or 20 years together, sometimes a good laugh is more appreciated than a superficial and replayed "aww".

Glow Stick Lighting to Set the Mood

Remember the very last scene of 16 Candles and Samantha and the dashing Jake Ryan are sitting on top of his dining table? It's finally the moment when he kisses her and there is a birthday cake in between the two of them that is well lit with 16 candles. They both lean over the cake to kiss and all you can concentrate on is the fact that they are dangerously close to an over-lit cake and it could very easily create the worst ending in John Hughes history. The point being: ditch the over-used candle light setting. Who wants to be tip-toeing around a bunch of candles and gambling with the life span of their curtains, clothes, and hair? Whether she will admit it or not, everyone woman secretly hopes to one day walk in a room that is absolutely clustered with lit candles. Romantic? Sure. Safe? Not so much. For this idea all you will need are clear glasses, vases, mason jars, Solo cups, or what have you, and a large supply of glow sticks. (Maybe stick with pink and red colors to keep the romantic theme). Simply fill the cups up three fourths full and drop a glow stick in. Not romantic enough? Put some rose petals in the cups or surround each glass with some rose petals. Arrange them about your living room or bedroom and turn off the lights and you are all set.

Glow Stick Flare

Not convinced with the glow stick lights? Then maybe try some glow stick flare. If you want to change the ambiance of the room but have done the candles and rose petals idea too many times, then maybe this one will spark your interest. Buy some pink, white, and red balloons and stick a glow stick in them. Blow them up to the size of your liking and scatter them about your home. You could even go above and beyond by stringing them together and hanging them around your dining area for a low light setting for dinner, or if you are lucky enough to have enjoyable weather in the middle of February you can take the experience outside and drape them around your patio or fence.

Glow Stick Games

Sometimes the big nights out become overrated and overdone for Valentine’s Day. When this happens just simply go back to basics. Sometimes simple really is best, so order delivery or takeout from your favorite restaurant (or cook up a tasty meal, if you’re a chef at heart) and have a game night. Recreate some of your favorite activities by substituting or adding glow sticks.

Tic Tac Toe

A perfect example of this is simple tic tac toe. All you need is 4 necklace sized glow sticks, and 8 bracelet sized glow sticks. Simply use the necklace glow sticks and don't shape them into necklaces, lay them out in the tic tac toe pattern. Then pick your colors of bracelet sized glow sticks, shape them, and off you go.


If Tic Tac Toe was too simple, then maybe go for bowling. Gather 6 1-liter bottles and fill them with water. Drop in some glow sticks, find a ball, turn off the lights and let the games begin. You can also spice it up by adding challenges to each turn, such as using your lee-dominant hand, closing yours eyes, and hopping on one foot as you roll the ball.

Ring Around the Bottle

Still not exciting enough? Then maybe add this to the list. Use one of the 1-liter bottles that you used from bowling, fill it with water and toss in some glow sticks. Set the bottle in an open area and then gather some glow stick necklaces. From here just try to hoop the necklaces around the bottle and you are on your way to some simple, basic fun.

Suggestion for the Kiddos:

For the special boys and girls in your life, you can very easily bring glow sticks into the mix. At most schools, children get a chance to pass out valentines to their friends and peers. When this time comes, the teachers are probably jumping with joy that their students get to go home at the end of the day where they get to enjoy all their sugar treats and candies. If you want to cut down on the sugar but not the fun, you can easily substitute candy for glow sticks. Instead of attaching the valentine to a sucker stick, attach it to a glow stick bracelet. Simply make two holes in the valentine, one at the bottom and one at the top, and thread the glow stick through. Attach the ends together with the supplied piece and you have a fun and exciting valentine that all the kids will enjoy.


Valentine’s Day does not have to be a big, extravagant occasion. You can very easily make it fun and casual all while creating a lasting memory by adding glow sticks. Another great aspect to these suggestions is the fact that they are not pricey at all. According to CNN, the average amount spent per couple for the beloved holiday was $130 dollars in 2014. That’s 18.6 billion dollars a year for just one single day. So if you were to purchase some glow sticks, maybe make a nice dinner together (or order in if you prefer not to cook), and have a nice night in with your sweetheart, it would not only be sweet to your wallet, but it will be some genuine fun all while getting to create a lasting memory by getting to feel like kids again with each other.

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